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We reward extended stays

Stay longer, save more

As one of the most comfortable extended stay hotels in Edmonton, we invite you to be our guest. Settle in to your home away from home with our discounted rates for extended stays. Whether you are travelling for business, renovating or moving, experience true comfort and peace of mind with our modern kitchens, multiple bedrooms and in-suite laundry.

Explore our long term stay hotel rates below.

Daily rate

1-7 nights

Weekly rate

1-4 weeks

Monthly rate

30+ days

More Perks


Wagging tails welcome

At Canterra, we know pets are part of the family—that’s why our apartment hotel accepts cats and dogs of all sizes. Keep your furry best friend right by your side in our pet-friendly suites and enjoy the comfort of an Edmonton city hotel with weekly rates.

Free parking

Your wheels will thank you

For the duration of your entire stay, enjoy complimentary outdoor parking at our hotel, right in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Ready to unlock this exclusive deal? Click the button on the top-left of our booking engine and sign-up.

Direct billing

Relax while you rebuild

When renovating your home after a damage incident, we want our cozy long term stay hotel to be your escape from the stress, mess and noise. That’s why we offer direct billing for guests with insurance claims. contact us to find out if your provider qualifies.

Daily rate

1 night – 13 nights

Starting at


(based on single occupancy)

Bi-weekly rate

2 weeks – 4 weeks

Starting at


(based on single occupancy)

Monthly rate

4 weeks+

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